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.25 April, 2009 ' 2:35 am Y

.15 April, 2009 ' 6:38 pm Y

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Where Will Amazing Happen This Year?

It's time. NBA Playoffs.

My favourite video of all.

The Suns aren't in the playoff. Go Rockets.

.03 April, 2009 ' 2:51 pm Y

.02 April, 2009 ' 6:04 pm Y

Oh. The world didn't end. Great.

.26 March, 2009 ' 3:22 pm Y

Monday - Doomsday?

.24 March, 2009 ' 10:51 pm Y

.03 March, 2009 ' 2:55 am Y


I saw Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston at the London Premiere of Marley and Me. I couldn't believe my eyes.


I also saw Gemma Atkinson, former Miss England and Miss Great Britain Danielle Lloyd, Dancing on ice star Zoe Salmon, Skin actress Kaya Scodelario, soprano singer Hayley Westenra, former Miss Wales Amy Guy, Jools Oliver, Roxxane Pallett, and the noob Britain's Got Talent's winner George Sampson.

They were all right in front of my eyes, so near to me that I could almost touch them.


What a night.

.19 February, 2009 ' 12:02 pm Y

Open your browser, Firefox or IE.

Go to www.google.com

Or if you have shortcut google search bar on your browser,

Type "I am extremely" on the google search bar, some suggestions should appear.

Check out the last suggestion.

.22 January, 2009 ' 1:53 pm Y

The much anticipated LOST is back with Season 5!

. ' 2:09 am Y



. ' 2:06 am Y


“老鸡bye! 老鸡bye!"

.15 January, 2009 ' 1:57 pm Y

6 things I'm passionate about:

Basketball. You can take my pounds, dollars, RM, underwear, rice, but not my basketball jersey and shoes. You can stop me from going to gym (actually I don't need anyone to stop me from doing that), but I'll dulan you if you stop me from playing basketball. Not even a temperature of -4°C can stop me from playing outdoor basketball.

Travelling. I never knew it can be that fun and knowledgeable. I love it. I will keep doing it. I'd rather spend 500 pounds for travelling than buying a new TV.

Chinese food. Nothing can beat Chinese food. Although I don't make nice Chinese food, I'd rather eat my not-nice Chinese food than having some fucking sandwich or stupid Western salad.

Movies. I love movies. I can spend a whole week watching movies at home, not doing anything else. But I hate Cantonese series.

6 is a lot, Let me think.

Trying new things. I just did 6 days of skiing recently. It was awesome. I wanna try so many other things, such as ski diving and bungee jumping. I wanna try other Asian food as well. I have been travelling around European countries but I wanna go to Asia, Africa, South America, Australia etc and try whatever they have over there. I always wanted to try playing piano, but I don't know if it's too late now.

Excelling in whatever I do. I'm quite kiasu. I'm passionate about being good at what I do. I don't believe in talent. I think talent is a word people invent to make themselves look good. It's bullshit. You take 10 5-year old kids to learn piano until they're 20, 9/10 of them can excel in it. The other one is just not interested to learn, not because he's untalented. To be able to do something well is not talent. It's all hardwork and interest. I think I can excel in whatever I do if I work hard. I'm not that bad in basketball coz I played hard, I own everyone in counter strike coz I played hard.

6 books I read recently :

I don't like to read. It's boring. I used to read loads and loads of Mandarin books. Since I got surrounded by English-speaking people, I stopped reading. I find English books extremely boring and senseless. However, I did attempt to read some. Here are some examples.

Rich Dad Poor Dad, Da Vinci Code, Deception Point, Angels and Demons, Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine, and Illustrated Textbook of Paediatrics.

I love reading newspapers and magazines, in whatever languages I understand. Magazines are interesting. They talk about politics, economy, technology, gadgets, gossips, and all sort of general knowledge. I can spend whole day reading a magazine in details, but I can only read a novel for 5 minutes before falling asleep.

6 albums/songs I can listen to over and over again

"Run" by Snow Patrol. It's quite and old song, but i never get tired of it. Leona Lewis did a pop version of it recently and she did it really well too.

"Fix You" by Coldplay. This song is amazing. I can't describe it until you listen to it again and again. It makes memories pour out of your brain just like that.

"Fantasy" album by Jay Chou. This was Jay's 2nd album and it's the best.

"Hero" by Mariah Carey. There is something about this song that makes me love it. My secondary school teacher used to play it in the classroom and I loved it since then.

"Wei Yi" by Lee Hom. Well, what can I say. I need to learn how to play this song on piano.

"Tears and Rain" by James Blunt. I'll still be singing this song when I'm 90, if I ever live till 90.

6 things I learnt this year

It's 2009 now. I'll talk about the things I learnt in 2008.

Ski! I learnt how to ski! How exciting.

Malaysia is full of racism. I never knew how bad it was until this year when all the shit happened. These people should die.

I suck at basketball. I have to admit, I suck. Well, I used to be better, but I suck hard now. I started playing with the Blacks here, and I got completely owned. They blocked me and dunked in my face. I got pwned.

I am unhealthy. I realized my immunes system is really bad. I keep getting cold and flu, especially when the weather starts going crazy. Also, my stamina has decreased tremendously. I need to do something about these.

Communication skills are tough, very tough, and they're really important if I wanna live in this country. I ain't good at talking at all. I can't generate conversation with the ang mos. I can only talk to them about the weather and football. (maybe that's what they talk about all the time?) That probably explains why it's tough for a non-British Asian guy to get an ang mo chick. It's much easier for Asian chicks to get ang mo guys. It's pretty simple to explain this. If you have a pussy, you can do it. You don't even need to open your mouth. Oh maybe you need to later.

I learnt how to say simple things in Italian, German and French. It's always good to learn some new languages. They come in handy.

6 valuable things I own

My camera. I got one to replace my old one recently coz it's no longer taking good pictures anymore. Maybe it's just me. I suck at photography anyway. But yes, camera. If I lose my camera when travelling around, I think I'd go into depression instantly.

VISA debit card. Who can survive without this? What, u wanna line up in the bank to withdraw 5 pounds?

My cellphone. I do not have to explain why this is valuable.

My wallet. Ok, put it this way. When I go out, I need these 3 things in my pockets - wallet, cellphone and keys. If i forget one of these, I'd go panicking.

My Malaysian passport. My MALAYSIAN passport. Yes, and this word on my passport has got me into so much trouble and wasted so much of my time. Airport securities will give me a hard time whenever they see this word. However, it's probably the most valuable thing I have now. It's my identity, and I can go anywhere I like with it. Not Israel though.

My laptop. It has served me well. I don't think I can live without it. My life is dependent on it.

6 bloggers I tag

I do not wanna tag anyone.


.14 January, 2009 ' 4:45 pm Y

I love these top 10 viral videos!


.12 January, 2009 ' 9:59 pm Y

I just finished watching a movie called Slumdog Millionaire. It was surprisingly good, one of the best story-telling I've seen, and definitely the best Indian movie I've ever seen, although it's a British product.

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